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At the Vision Shoppe of Brookfield, CT our goal is to provide comprehensive eye care to all children, youth and adults. Our Optometrists are licensed to perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe corrective lenses and detect any eye abnormalities.

During your eye exam, our Optometrists will ask questions about any issues that you are experiencing, as well as symptoms. We often find that people shy away from telling us about their family history or past eye conditions. At the Vision Shoppe, we want you to feel comfortable to ensure that we protect your overall health and maintain your quality of life!

Contact Dr. Edlira Alushi or the Vision Shoppe today at (203) 740-2040, to set up your consultation. As a reminder, we are a husky healthcare provider and EyeMed insurance provider and will answer any questions that you have regarding your next eye checkup and vision care exam.